Sunday, 10 August 2014

white genocide and archontic infection with john lash

In this ground breaking talk John Lash describes the methods of Gnostic investigation, telestic shamanism and instruction by the light, the organic light which is the naked body of the earth goddess, Sophia herself.  In a lucid and clear state of cognitive trance or ecstatic state of knowing we can know things in a way that is not possible by any other method.  Gnosis is knowledge gained in this manner.  Gnosticism is not so much a set of beliefs but a method of knowing.

The archontic infection of humans is not merely an ideological one but also a neurological one, masked by dopamine. The agents of the archons are driven by envy, s desire to senselessly destroy what they cannot have. The current attempt to reduce the white minority population is connected to their role in the immune system of the human species, in fighting off this archontic infection.

The knowing of the story of the Earth and the human species are crucial to us a this time.  This is the most suppressed knowledge on the planet.  There has been a discontinuity in the folk memory but it is coming back.  There are signs that the phylogenetic memory is being reawakened and restored.

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