Monday, 2 March 2015

fermented foods class

chocolate cherry kefir cheesecake
These classes are getting great feedback.  Next one is 12th April.  Click here to find out more.

I am very proud of and touched by the many testimonials we have had.  Here are some of them:

Saturday is resonating in my life like a brilliant new song I heard on the radio! ... On a health level, the food and drink we were offered was so high vibrational that I felt amazing for a few days. I missed it the next day and would like to make steps towards incorporating some of the magic into our lives now. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and information. It was brilliant. Am inspired to make more ferments and play around with the kefir and invest in the smoothie goodness. I had expected a fermentation course but for it to be grounded in your experience of raw food health was such a bonus for me as I have such an interest in dietary health and had so many questions answered verbally or otherwise. Alex, Somerset
Thank you for very enlightening fermentation fetish day session we have attended last before last weekend. It resurrected some of information we had about fermentation from our childhoods which will enable us to return to these very healthy practices. In addition, it has equipped us with a lot of information, which we can now build on. Our first four jars of salsa and sour kraut with goji berries are already actively fermenting and we can not wait enough to taste it soon. Denise and Marek London, formerly from Slovakia

Fabulously tasteful day - strawberry chocolate cheesecake was sublime - you've got to try it. Stella

There was some serious transmission of energies and frequencies in the room. I could feel my consciousness expanding with the words that were shared. Dunstan, Bristol

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