Wednesday, 4 March 2015

liver gallbladder cleansing retreat at earth spirit centre

earth spirit painting in hall at earth spirit centre
Through modern living conditions, gallstones collect in the gallbladder and liver.  Flushing by a simple procedure over  a few days massively improves the way we feel in many ways.  For some people the problem can become so severe that gallbladder removal is recommended.  All this can be avoided by the simple procedure of flushing.  This retreat included this cleanse and much else.

Four days of detoxing and rejuvenating your cells. in Somerset at the beautiful Earthspirit Centre.

This is all about upward stream cleaning, cleaning from the top of the mountain guided by  qualified naturopath, Susan Laing.   Liver gallbladder cleansing with using the most natural formulas, no additives, no fillers and the best there is, to help rebalance the body and bring it back to equilibrium. Including easy to digest, organic and delicious life food dishes all made on the premises and with demos. This detox optimises and takes the pressure off of the digestive system and liver and allows for greater immunity by fasting. Fasting has now been proven to trigger stem cell rejuvenation.

Reduces inflammatory conditions such as gut imbalances and other health issues
Helps to reduce and eliminate unhealthy cravings
Helps to create better gut intuition and allows for better choice of healthier food intake
Helps to rebalance blood sugar levels
Helps to create homeostasis with all the endocrine system and so Helps with those who have adrenal, thyroid, immune, endocrine and liver exhaustion
Helps to create feelings of being more grounded, relaxed and happier
Better looking skin, including looking younger
And if you persist with this type of cleansing you can notice many other improvements from losing weight to many other health benefits.

I will be leading a foraging session for edible greens on one of the afternoons.

To find out more and/or book please click on this link.

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