Sunday, 23 August 2015

global ibogaine conference

I am so excited about this event and have booked my early bird ticket already.  I am thrilled that this conference at this location too, , because this village is somewhere I am very keen to visit.  There seems to be a constellation of ibogaine activity in Mexico, although the root it comes from, iboga, actually grows in Africa.  It makes sense though because of the character of Mexico, in terms of both the people and the land.  You can read an article I recently wrote about ibogaine treatment here:  I am available by phone or email to advise anyone considering this kind of experience (contact details in the article).

Regarding the conference:

Ibogaine as a Contemporary Therapeutic Tool

Between March 14-16th, 2016, the Global Ibogaine Conference will convene experts from around the world to discuss ibogaine therapy, the climate of global drug policy, and the sustainability and traditional uses of Tabernanthe iboga.

Since the 1980s ibogaine has increasingly been used experimentally in the detoxification from opiates and as a treatment for substance use disorders. Early clinical trials confirmed some very promising initial reports, but were later suspended because of funding and litigation. Ibogaine’s use has continued to grow, from the early peer-to-peer drug user networks, to today when ibogaine is administered under compassionate access or experimental legal frameworks in some progressive hospitals, medical centers, retreats, and private therapeutic practices around the world. The landscape of ibogaine research and practice has changed dramatically. Today clinical investigations are being re-initiated looking not only at its use in addiction treatment, but also other conditions.

The conference will be held at the Jardin de la Abundancia hotel in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

Tepoztlan, also known locally as “Pueblo Magico,” is a beautiful small village located just more than an hour outside of Mexico City in the state of Morelos. It’s home to Tepozteco, an ancient Aztec pyramid that overlooks the valley from the surrounding mountains, as well as a large market that expands from the plaza to fill the town’s main streets during the weekend.

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