Wednesday, 19 August 2015

rainbows and supplements

A beautiful double rainbow appeared in front of my eyes shortly after sunrise this morning. The rain and sun in Devon produces frequent rainbows bit this one was exceptional and filled the sky.

 On a slightly different note, a mole on my arm I have had since childhood, that was a bit raised from me fiddling with it over the years, has suddenly fallen off, my feeling is the CBD oil has something to do with it but I can't say for sure. My immune system seems to be well up right now, psychologically as well as physically; growing older is a daunting prospect that most of don't really want to have to think about, but with natural supplements and herbs it's just astounding what can be achieved. Some of my favourite herbs and supplements are: megahydrate (possibly a telomerase activator), magu's secret (Dragon Herbs), CBD oil, deer antler, Wellsprings natural progesterone serenity cream, melatonin, schizandra, reishi, cordyceps, evening primrose, complete EFAs plus DHA and EPA, ubiquinol, astragalus, ginkgo and rhodiola. Some of these are specific for my age group and women, some good all round. Personally i think we can use all the help we can get.

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