Sunday, 23 August 2015

the tricksters

Many humans are more interested in what they suppose to be their 'own minds" or 'inner selves' than the mind of nature...

"The way out of the trap is to discern what is genuinely human in our minds, and what is inhumane, stupid, mechanical, blind, imitative – in short, we must understand human potential in order to see how it is distorted and subverted. Imagine, for instance, that you never heard Beethoven´s 5th symphony played as it really is, but only a distorted version with the notes totally deformed. You could only know that the music was distorted if you knew the true, undistorted version. Likewise, we must realize our authentic minds, our true human potential, in order to see how we are deviated. This is the challenge of the predators.

I have a little phrase for this situation: I say, Human potential comes in a trickster package." JLL

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