Sunday, 4 September 2016

D H Lawrence

A trip to the town where I grew up, Nottingham, to see my parents, I took time to visit Eastwood the birthplace of D H Lawrence.  D H Lawrence was an inspirational writer of reflections on humanity, born 1885 and grew up in Eastwood, near Nottingham, travelled to and lived in France, Italy and Mexico.

And watch it putting forth each time to heaven,
Each time straight to heaven,
With marvellous naked assurance each single twig,
Each one setting off straight to the sky
As if it were the leader, the main-stem, the forerunner,
Intent to hold the candle of the sun upon its socket-tip,
It alone.

Every young twig
No sooner issued sideways from the thigh of his predecessor
Than off he starts without a qualm
To hold the one and only lighted candle of the sun in his
He casually gives birth to another young bud from his thigh,
Which at once sets off to be the one and only,
And hold the lighted candle of the sun.

Bare Fig-Trees D H Lawrence

The fig is a very secretive fruit.
As you see it standing growing, you feel at once it is symbolic :
And it seems male.
But when you come to know it better, you agree with the Romans, it is female.

Figs, D H Lawrence

Birthplace of D H Lawrence

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