Thursday, 29 September 2016

Free Excerpt and Recipes from Food for Consciousness Book

I am very excited to announce that my book Food for Consciousness that I have been working on so long is nearing release. It was inspired at the time when I began eating mainly raw foods and experienced a massive shift in my experience of life. Intrigued I was determined to find out what causes this so called 'raw high',
I did find the answers and a lot more and a decade and a half later I present a book with well over 100 recipes plus a look at what has happened to humans over millennia since we left our original biological habitat. All the recipes are delicious and easy to make and all based on the foods that we as humans are designed to eat, foods that regenerate our neural system and help us reach our maximum potential. There's a lot more in addition to nutrition and recipes I look at the way we use our minds as well as how we feed them.
You can read a free excerpt from it and see my reset blended recipes, all delicious including the famous chocolate pudding recipe based on
 Wright's optimal neural nutrition breakfast. Please give your feedback and comments. The full version will be online soon and you have the opportunity ti get involved in an online community, with access to videos, answers to questions and support on your journey of this nature.

This is the link

This is a piece I wrote recently I hope you enjoy!

The term Edenic States evokes images of the Garden of Eden, an Earthly Paradise where humans lived in their original innocent state free of the concerns that bedevil us in current times.

Science and mythology both describe a similar sequence of events. Science tells us of the shrinking human brain and increasing hormonal damage to the left cerebral hemisphere. Mythology. Mythology tells of a Golden Age followed by eras of decline right down to the current age of degeneration.
At this time, we have the knowledge in our grasp to regenerate our neural systems and access latent abilities. It seems the root of the problem is that moving from our natural biological habitat, the tropical forests, millennia ago, changed what we ate and therefore our internal biochemistry. This changed the way our DNA is read and therefore the construction of our neural and endocrine systems,.

Eating the complex nutrition we are designed to plus plant medicines and various practices can help short medium and long term. Eating a diet rich in the materials are neural system is designed to be built from for example undamaged fatty acids, amino acids and fruit compounds can have rapid effects on mood. In the medium term it rebuilds and helps us access more right hemisphere function. Long term, alongside other measures it can change the way DNA is read to be more in alignment with our natural DNA blueprint giving us abilities that today would be considered extraordinary. Potentially as humans we have the capacity to live in an ongoing benign state of sublime wonder and awe, in cognitive ecstasy.

This is the basis of Food for Consciousness. In the bookI describe practical measures we can take including nutrition and many recipes to move towards Edenic States of Consciousness.

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