Thursday, 10 March 2011

citizens' arrest of judge in birkenhead

This happened on Monday - surely more will follow - many charges such as the council tax are actually unlawful.

"Today, history was made, time will show the true magnitude of the event of the 7th at Birkenhead.

This was a declaration of lawful INTENT, an expression of right... In a nutshell, a wonderful (if noisy) revocation on their presumed legitimacy to rule! We only want a fair playing field, one law for all... surely not an unreasonable goal?

Here is a very different form of protest, not a protest an assertion . 'Judge' Michael Peake was 'civilly arrested' for treason, he failed to produce the warrant he claimed on the record to hold under the Queen, nor did he affirm his standing on his oath of office, time and again refusing to acknowledge his oath with its ascribed duties and obligations. Administrative law, not justice.

Also details emerging of a sheriff not exercising his obliged duties (full story on that bombshell to come out in time, and it's massive), and police behaving very well it seems, and yet still protecting a criminal at large - aiding and abetting his "rescue" - or if you prefer "importing" aid and comfort to the enemy...

The mainstream media are telling us 300 supporters on the ground in support of lawful rebellion, less jaded eyes say it could have been far more that turned out to support Roger Hayes defend himself from an utterly corrupt and morally bereft judiciary, and in the process 'civilly arrest' the Judge, Michael Peake and Seize the court - which was held for almost an hour. "

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