Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Space of Love - Anthony Anderson


For more than four years, whilst living in the heart of New York City, Anthony spent the dark hours on late night dumpster diving expeditions, bringing home so much edible, discarded fresh produce that he had to stay up an extra few hours to process and juice it all so it could fit in his fridge. He never spent more than $10USD a month on food. Anthony also began wild food foraging in such unlikely places as Central Park and today continues to promote the importance of wild foods in our diet.

When Anthony’s blog first started, he was very adamant about being 100% raw vegan. In a way he was extremist about it and believed animal products were verily poison to the human body. After a lot of soul searching and constant self education, he now eats a more flexible diet that is mostly raw but also includes raw eggs and dairy- he stresses the importance of constant evolution and escaping from the dogma that surrounds any movement. His courage in admitting his change of views always struck me as an example of his honesty, openness and fearlessness. His blog has many readers who have heated discussions in the comments section because he delves into important issues and is unafraid to be challenged.

Now Anthony is a self taught permaculturalist who has created a magical food forest in Minnesota after only two years of intermittent but efficient work, complete with a winterised biodome greenhouse with a hot tub in the center! From a barren piece of land with poor soil, he now only has to minimally maintain an abundant food forest that produces so much food he doesn’t know what to do with it! 

Anthony’s attitude that nothing is impossible is obvious in what he has achieved, even growing wild tropical fruits such as sapote, cacao and bananas in the freezing Minnesota winter! Influenced by Vladimir Megre’s Anastasia (Ringing Cedars) series, he creates Spaces of Love and actively believes in, as well as builds, paradise on Earth.

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