Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Trecena of Respect

Dignity, strength, humility and power. Respect, honor and integrity. These are the values Manik’, the Deer, embodies. Free of the toxic effects of ego, Manik’ stands head and shoulders above the skirmishes of mankind, the epitome of grace in the face of danger and uncertainty that’s all around him.

Profoundly spiritual and peaceful, Manik’ seeks to impart no violence or harm to others, but does have the raw power to defend himself and others when the need arises. He is no gentle or weak spirit—he crushes the stereotype that states spiritual beings are soft and passive. Indeed, the deepest spiritual thinkers and most balanced individuals carry the greatest personal strength. And what is strength but the direct result of ultimate self-respect?

This trecena, your challenge is to find your strength. This doesn’t mean ramping up your time at the gym or signing up for aikido. It means developing a stable sense of self-respect, without the arrogance, judgment, and ego that often hang on to our psyches, latching on like so many psychic parasites.

Respect without reservation, respect without judgment or self-importance. Respect who you are and what you do for no reason other than because you are here. Respect your inherent talents and skills, respect the role you play in your family and society and the legacy you will leave to future generations. Respect yourself, and live that respect through every pore of your being. It will then naturally flow outward to those around you.

You will find that true respect, for both yourself and others, does indeed build strength—the kind that will carry you through storm and upheaval, and enable you to stand on your own feet regardless of the challenge.

~ Birgitte Rasine

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