Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Trecena of Light

Light is the ultimate source of all life. Born of the sun and the stars, Light cannot be seen yet illuminates all else. It exists both as waves and as particles and is the fastest elemental force in the universe. For us, it is also an eternal source of inspiration and insight, truth and clarity, art and creativity. It guides our spirit, infuses us with joy, and challenges us to take the highest path.

Like the values and truths it embodies, Light allows for no excuses, no weakness, no failures of character or ability. While clouds both on Earth and in our soul may modulate the strength, brilliance and color of the light we see or feel, Light remains, always, the purest expression of itself and all that it illuminates.

All of the Earth’s peoples, cultures, and races have turned their faces to the sun since the beginning of time, whether in joy, wonder or adoration. In fact, so have all living things, whether plants, insects or animals. Even the greater forces that shape our world, from climate to the oceans, respond and interact with Light. There is perhaps nothing more natural than for Life to align with Light in a sacred dance of co-existence and co-creation.

In the Mayan Calendar, Ahau is the Lord of Light, embodying the highest potential of all life and illuminating the infinite sacred journeys of evolution along which all living things travel.

Your challenge in the Trecena of Ahau is to purify your light so that the path you travel may be clear and apparent. You may burn away the fog of uncertainty, fear, doubt and superstition, but the real test comes in not allowing them to return.

Follow the path of Ahau, and experience the power of sight like you never have before.

~ Birgitte Rasine

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