Wednesday, 12 March 2014

bruce lipton on epigenetics and love


"people who experience their power and take back control of their own lives know no limitation"

In this talk Bruce Lipton describes the  'central dogma' of medicine that DNA rules our lives.  A dogma is a belief based on religious persuasion, and this particular dogma is actually an unproven hypotheses. Information flows from DNA to RNA and to proteins - the assumption is that there is no flow in the other direction. Actually it turns out there is and the fate of cells is influenced by the environment.  We are talking about epigenetics, a new science where part of signal transduction affects hereditary.  'Epi' means above and epigenetics is above genetics, it is the control if genes from from the environment.  The skin of cell the membrane is the brain of the cell, it translates signals.  Interestingly the ectoderm of an embryo turns to skin and neural system.

The DNA actually doesn't do anything, it's just a blueprint.  The environmental signals alter the reading of the DNA.  Which genes are copied or activated depends on a biochemical process called methylation.  How they are read depends on the proteins around the cell, which in turn are affected by our mental state.  Love creates dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin and growth hormone, and the cells grow exuberantly.  Fear creates cortisol, cytokines, histamine and norepinephrine.

Experiments with folic acid, B12 and choline in animals showed that nutrients could prevent mutation  being physically exhibited even though they are in the DNA.

There are even receptors on your cell for personal identity self receptors.  It seems that there is an environmental signal about your identity that is is there even when the cells go, in other words, spirit.

Bruce Lipton's new book The Honeymoon Effect is a 'journey of self-discovery through the power of love that can be generated through the power of our own thoughts'.  In a recent talk in new Zealand he said that our brains are only really happy when we are making love because we are paying attention.   It would be wonderful if we could bring this love into all our daily activities and experience them in the same way.  He also pointed out that most of our minds are unconscious and 70% of the unconscious programming is negative and self-sabotaging  due to our culture.  This is an issue worth addressing!

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