Thursday, 13 March 2014

the quest for the holy grail

Galahad receiving the Grail from the Grail maidens
So what would it take to see beyond the fallacy of current (rapidly becoming bygone) so-called norms and firmly commit to a path of sanity and happiness?
Tony Wright who has examined in depth our biological predicament ('the biological origins of the fall from from grace') observes our tendency to see the madness in others and wonders when we will see it in ourselves and realise it is ubiquitous and that there is actually something wrong with our brains.  We can then set out on a path of restoration of brain and body through a biologically appropriate diet, through use of plant medicines re-establish healthy endocrine system and brain chemistry, shift out of cerebral dominance of  the left hemisphere of the brain and function to a point where we can move into our full potential and live in 'a  perpetual state of wonder and awe'.  This he sees as the Holy Grail.
John  Lash. comparative mythologist and revealer of the Sophianic vision story of the Gnostics, has recently postulated (in his talk The Look of the Anthropos) that it might take for us to see the hideousness of the child abuse that is perpetrated across the planet and through shared empathy unite against the perpetrator
Through correction in three areas: 1. moving back into energetic connection with the planet we live n and engaging in a natural lifestyle, 2. deprogramming from cultural fear conditioning and 3. healing the rift between male and female, we can get back on track of our peak evolutionary potential, living lives of beauty and even cognitive ecstasy. Genial plant species help us on our way. Our peak experience is to behold the organic light, non-material animating light that permeates and emanates from all matter on Earth, the Holy Grail.

These are two parallel ways of describing at the same situation, that of the story of humanity, where we are at this time and what we might do to experience life on this planet as we would really like to.

What strikes me is that the longer we put something off the bigger the more difficult a task it seems, until we actually get round to tackling it and then there is often less to it than we thought.  Kind of  opposite to the situation when an idea pops in our head and we think it'll be done in a couple of hours but maybe takes weeks.  I think the steps to getting back on track are now quite clearly defined, we know what we need to do at least to get started.  As we proceed further steps will become clear.  We need to clear our perception through actually doing what it takes at physical level in order for this to happen.  Then the journey can unfold.

There are two grail questions:
1. What is wrong with humanity?
2. How can I serve the Grail?

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