Thursday, 6 March 2014

the global brain

Peter Russell's documentary postulates that through information technology, wisdom can build up much more swiftly amongst the populace than in ancient times, spearheading a shift in consciousness, the awareness that we are part of something greater and of our individual potential for expanding the frontiers of our minds.

Whether there is actually global brain or not, there is for sure an individual consciousness awareness  of the living planet that humans can potentially communicate with.  And although the industrial revolution removed us from close connection with the land it paved the way for the information revolution through the technology that came out of it.  Although humans have latent telepathic and other extraordinary abilities, we lost full access to these faculties long before then and information technology has been a useful crutch.  However much we despair of wifi and other electromagnetic radiation, there's no doubt that the internet is being used to disseminate deep and new insights into the human condition and make them available to all those who have ears to hear it, and this in itself could help facilitate a profound shift in the human state.

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