Tuesday, 4 March 2014

swan deva

Nairatmya, otherwise known as Swan Deva  'whose body is the sky' , the union of desire and emptiness, correlates to the constellation of the Fishes.  The first appearance of the sunrise crescent of the moon this month was in this part of the sky.

I have been remembering about investing every aspect of our lives in the dream, Her dream of humanity, rather than human behaviour as we see it now.  In feeling 'right' or 'on course' rather than being in a conceptual state of righteousness.  Righteousness, the idea that there is a right way of doing things, that we or others are wrong in the way we feel is anti-human, because feelings are our guidance system.  

How things 'should be' or how others 'should behave' is a made up reality, maybe the first virtual reality, subtly different to a vision of how beautiful things could become. It is so easy see the failings of other humans because we are all so vulnerable and, in the grand scheme of things, far from our true potential.  Easy, but possibly not  the most enjoyable or productive activity we can be filling our time with and possibly not fulfilling our highest desires. Attacking other humans indiscriminatingly  hurts our own feelings and damages our own lives because energetically we are so connected.  There are so many positive things we can do to improve our sense of well-being that we can share with each other too without even having to engage with the concept of 'should'. And we can protect from the negative impact of the forces that are truly against humanity as a whole more effectively from a sober standpoint where we are making allowances for other humans we are involved in because we understand the situation that faces us all. The real enemies, the forces that are getting in the way of humanity and our happiness are unfeeling, anti-feeling, these are the things that need to be moved out of the way so that we can engage with a story, a narrative that is favour of the life force and that feeling.  

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