Thursday, 19 February 2015

fermented foods class

My dear friend Jane Slater asked me yesterday whether I thought fermented foods enhance our connection to Gaia.   I had never thought about it quite like that.  I definitely think natural raw foods do and it stands to reason that fermented foods with their incredible life force and multitude of life forms in them would increase the effect.  As humans, we are ecosystems much as our mother Earth is an ecosystem, teaming with different kinds of organisms.   A healthy person has more microorganisms in their gut than cells in their bodies, apparently.  Thing is we want them to be beneficial organisms and this is what this class is about; as well as producing a day's worth of incredibly tasty dishes of course.  You see me here preparing my mouth watering cherry chocolate kefir cheesecake, rich and delicious but totally easy to digest and actually light and healthy.  So, if you can, please come along.  Details and bookings here:

March 1st fermentation class

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