Wednesday, 11 February 2015

the dangers of faddy eating

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, Arthur Haines and Daniel Vitalis  delve into the difference between Food Fads and the Homo sapiens Diet.

All diets are fad diets
What constitutes a fad diet
The issues with the loss of seasonal foods
The good side of grains
Wild rice benefits
Cultivated foods vs. wild foods
4 guidelines for choosing domesticated foods
Bitter lettuce over iceburg lettuce
How to eat animal foods
ReWild your mind

Arthur goes into some very helpful finer details, discussing, for example polphenols which quench free radical activity and the fact that selectively eating flesh of animals increases methionine levels leading to disease; traditional diets included the whole animal which brought the situation into balance with the amino acid glycine.  Also Arthur shows how faddy diets all miss out the medicinal aspects of food.

By the way I personally feel that in today's world where we can ship more species appropriate foods around the globe, most of us don't need to eat other mammals but I still find these points about traditional diets quite enlightening.

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