Sunday, 8 February 2015

patrick flanagan on the neurophone

Patrick Flanagan talks about his neurophone.  He developed it when he was thirteen.  He talks about it's impact on intelligence, the ability to produce different type of brain waves simultaneously,  the ability to be aware in fast moving situations, and to effect surrounding situations.  He talks about how it can help overcome tiredness too.


In this second part he mentions bone healing and the production of ATP.  Ultrasonic frequencies, as one would experience in natural surroundings, stimulate blood flow to the brain.  Fibonacci series frequencies are generated.  Heavenly choirs and voices are experienced by some people.

Here Patrick Flanagan  shows us his neurophone models over the years and describes how the neurophone allows us to hear with our ancient ears, experience sensations like people who have meditated for thirty years, listen to music in a new way and experience accelerated learning.

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