Sunday, 22 February 2015

releasing the chiral lock

The chiral lock causes the severance of operation of our dreaming and reasoning attentions.  It is caused by anything that interrupts our attention in an unnatural way or requires only a few seconds of our attention.  It can be released in various ways such the thumb exercise described in this audio.  I have a feeling the neurophone helps with this too.

Scroll down to GTT Planetary Tantra Series 06-11, you get an option to download, then select Planetary Tantra 12.

"the chiral lock is an artificial bind that locks the first and second attention on a seam located right between your eyes. In a natural state, the first attention (left eye: Manas) and the second attention (right eye: Buddhi) carry peripheral fields like huge curving plate glass lenses and these two fields interact, they float freely over each other like tectonic plates. But when we slip under the archontic spell, mainly by everything that decreases our attention — using tv screen flicker, sound-bytes, twitter, jackhammer editing on MTV clips and advertizing, stop-motion photography, and other such technologies of entrainment — these two lenses of peripheral vision get locked on a seam. Consequently, reason and imagination cannot work together. "  John Lamb Lash

The cure for archontic influences is immersion in the bio electro magnetic aura (BEMA) of the Earth herself.

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