Sunday, 19 July 2015

mayan medicine museum

The amazing Museo de la Medicina Maya in San Cristobal de las Casas shows some of the traditional medicine of the Chiapas highlands including many of the plants used.  Connecting with the earth and the soul of the person are key features.  Basil is an important plant in healing and the good feelings it brings are deeply appreciated.  You can watch a video of a tribal birth (not explicit) and find out about the customs of the midwives.  

This is one of my favourite places I have visited.  So many aspects of Mayan life I already resonate with before I came to Chiapas, the use of basil, the love of corn, the way they make chocolate, the beadwork, the style of dress, the love of flowers, the plant medicine, the appreciation of the movements of the sun and the moon, it goes on, maybe it's just innate humanness.

garden of the Mayan Medicine Museum

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