Sunday, 5 July 2015

na bolom house of the jaguar

 Na Bolom was the home of Trudy and Frans Blom.  The name means Jaguar House in the language of the Lancandon people whom the Bloms befriended.   The Lancandons were the last remaining peoples not to be be conquered by Spanish culture and religion.  Frans explored and surveyed ancient Maya sites all over Chiapas (including Palenque, Toniná and Chinkultic), Trudy researched, photographed and fought to protect the Lacandón people and their homelands in the jungles of southern Mexico. The museum contains enchanting photographs, archaeological and anthropological relics.  It’s a highly atmospheric and beautiful place in the old colonial town of San Cristobal de las Casas.
Chan K'in, the last spiritual leader of the Lancadon
Lancadon in  jungle

shrine in Mayan house

replica of Mayan house

By the way Mayan crosses carry a different nuance to the Christian crosses that arrived with the Spanish conquerors.  They denote living trees and are decorated with flowers.

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