Saturday, 18 July 2015

puberty vitamin d connection

The age on onset of onset of puberty has been falling historically, and probably for longer than has even been documented.  There are modern reasons as described here, also deeper reasons related to the decrease in activity of the pineal gland over millenia.  Bascially the pineal gland is producing less than optimal levels of melatonin.     Prepuberty is a valuable time of brain growth  before the big drop in melatonin levels which occurs at puberty. This is yet one more reason why later puberty might be better in general,. This Guardian article looks into the phenomena and gives one example of the statistics - the onset of puberty in girls has fallen by five years since 1920.

There seem to be many factors.  Dr Mercola highlights some of them here, an interestingly vitamin D levels seem to be involved:

He mentions:
Avoiding Hormone-Disrupting Substances is Crucial for Children and Adults Alike
Vitamin D Also Linked to Early Puberty
What You Should Know About Obesity, Stress and Exercise

In this video he explains how in order to get the UVB rays we need to make vitamin D  in the skin, the sun needs to be at an angke of at least 50 degrees,  He goes on to describe how just getting UVA ad not UVB could be counterproductive.

At this website you can type in your location and the date and see the angle of the sun at hourly intervals during the day. It's a really interesting exercise.

Add to this that so many of us spend so much tome indoors and it's highly likely we would benefit from more vitamin D.  Dr Mercola recommends 8000 units a day,  Traditionally in places such as British Isles, renown for it's low light and cloudy days, people acquired extra vitamin D in lanolin through handllng sheep and their wool.  To be honest I don't measure units f I am not getting plenty of middle of the day sun I take a few drops of our lanolin based vitamin D supplement.

Also of course, going back tot the melatonin issue, the increasing levels of ambient electromagnetic radiation further reduce melatonin levels.  This is because naturally melatonin is secreted more when it is dark and helps us sleep.  Although only visible rays are detected by the eyes, the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum reaches the pineal gland or third eye and it takes these as signals of daytime and reduces melatonin output.

Earthing, by sleeping on an earthing sheet and using an earthing mat when on computer helps counteract our electromagnetic exposure and increases melatonin levels.

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