Monday, 15 September 2014

carried by the wind

paragliding at Chale, white cliffs of Freshwater in distance
We unexpectedly had the amazing opportunity to paraglide in the Isle of Wight ( this summer. It was such a transformative experience I have not felt ready to put it into words until now.  We fly in our dreams and strangely, as a human, it feels completely natural to fly. Sometimes I talk about living life as if carried by the wind and here I was!  To soar like a bird and see the beauty of the Earth from the viewpoint that they do filled my dreams for the nights ad mornings afterwards.  Jumping off the cliff and submitting to the elements funnily enough felt so much less stressful than some of the stuff we face daily on the ground!  Yet we sometimes cling to the cliff with the illusion safety in familiarity, when in reality all this awaits us.

paragliding at Culver Down

And nearby is the exotic Ventnor Botanical Gardens which we visited around the same time.

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