Sunday, 21 September 2014

sheltering the sophianic vision

crab nebula    John Lash

The Gaian mystery schools are an event dreamed into the mind of the anthropos (humanity).  In the Wisdom Goddess Sophia's original design the anthropos was a creature with a genius ability to produce shelter.  From her anomalous condition (as an aeon materialised in the planet itself)  she adds another component to her dreaming.  She induces and reinforces our talent so we can materialise shelter for those who gather in the presence of the organic light.

With the atmosphere now in a state of supersaturation, visualisation and materialisation become much easier for us.  Luminous epinoia is the is the power to materialise by the intent of imagination.  From the Coptic Gnostic materials: "at the time of the culmination of the work of the archons they will be defeated by that luminous child. "  The instrument of that defeat is the luminous epinoia.  Supersaturation is a supremely magical event equivalent to the application of divine pronoia on human scale.

The manifestation of these places of sanctuary is a shared focal point, wish , dream, ideal, adventure.  We can and must...

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