Saturday, 20 September 2014

split solution

Teachers of the mysteries (Gnostics) told many many generations ago of a time that would come when there would be some kind of parting of the ways, some kind of split solution, in Greek, diorthosis.  This is not to be confused with some great day of judgement where are judged by some outside patriarchal authority figure.  This is more of a choice, whether we choose to engage with the source of our life on this planet, or make other paraphrasing.  While of course, there is a cosmic source or originator, on this planet our immediate source of physical life is the Earth herself, Gaia, known on the mysteries as Sophia.  The Sophianic vision story is the story about her and us, where we came from and where we are going. It's an open-ended story for us to actively participate in.  It does not tell us how to love, we are loving creatures by nature already, rather we bring our love to the story and then the magic begins.

Mythology brings us this story of bifurcation and also, strangely and helpfully science is bringing us a complementary message. Research into the brain over the last few decades is revealing more about the split sense of self within us.  It also signposts a fork in the road for humanity.  We have a choice about whether to follow a increasingly degenerating road, at odds with our environment and own sanity or take active steps to change the biochemical balance in our whole system so that our  DNA blueprint from divine intelligence can be read according to its full potential, affecting the development of our bodies and brains and even ultimately our sense of self.  Not only can this take us to revolutionary levels of  health and happiness (words that seem mild to describe what is possible!) but can also reveal what now are considered extraordinary abilities, faculties we see glimpses of in peak states.

Bifurcation might easily be interpreted as some humans go one way and the rest another way and indeed ultimately this might be the case.  But before that it seems to manifest as an extraordinary and intense internal split in our own psyches, also experienced by those around us.  Sometimes this can bring excruciating sensations into our relations with those close to us as sometimes they can seem with us and at other times they seem to be in another camp altogether.  The reality we live in is dual source, one is natural from the Earth herself and cosmic intelligence.  The other is artificial, unfeeling and having no real purpose only really capable of imitation.  Identifying and separating out the two in our awareness is a step in choosing which way we want to go.

Through various techniques such as entheogenic nutrition, attunement to nature and various shamanic practices it is possible even now, to experience something very different to what is considered a normal state of consciousness, a way of  being that feels, simply put, much nicer, more connected, more connected to the source of our lives.  Activities and goals of the the other unsatisfied and unsatisfiable state then may seem less attractive and less of interest. Instead desire may focus on being in that connected state more of the time and to a greater degree.  When we find out that ultimately we could live in that state sustainably, that this could be said to be the natural human state then it could be asked what else would we do?  So we have the parting of the ways.

There is a separation in the storyline now, whether to go with the ever more beautiful dream of a paradise on Earth or further develop the worn out gimmicks of the past in some kind of archontic (artificial and delusory) nightmare.  The chasm is widening and it is increasingly difficult to live in both.  Yet it is not so much about a choice of location (though of course being connected to the Earth and natural word is so part of it) or a choice of people to be with (although that will come into it), that would make it so simple  but about a choice in our way of being and what we are engaged with.  With the knowledge we now have the potential to live in the dream is greater than ever.  At the same time the antihuman nightmare seems to be reaching new levels of dementia and lack of feeling and human friendliness.  Patching up the problems that arise from this situation seems increasingly tiresome and ineffective.  Maybe its time to move attention elsewhere.  Although the manifestations of this anti-humanness seem very real and still in operation they are degenerating.  Although this makes them seem worse, as they struggle and fight for survival, ultimately they are losing force.  The elements of the paradisiacal dream are embryonic and require our imagination and faith, but they are growing, faster by the day.  There is an illusion of safety in the familiar but the life force is much stronger than any of our institutions, beliefs, sufferings, addictions and attachments.  The power of the archontic nightmare is largely in its capacity to distract us from the dream and the real power and magic that comes through connection to nature and the our planetary mother.

The shift in consciousness in question is not so much about increasing our awareness of what is going on in current reality but more a move into magical consciousness and a release in the power of  imagination to co-create a future of beauty, that we really want.

There are clues about the two senses of self that we experience in many places, from spiritual and mythological traditions to science.  In some spiritual traditions there is talk of a higher and lower self.  We hear about the nagual and tonal about mundane and magical states of consciousness.  In real sky astrology there is the endowment which is gifts from the entire human species versus the ego, there is the socially and culturally programmed mind and the natural genius mind.  There is a sense of suffering and victimhood as a human on this planet or there is a sense of human potential and the capacity for ecstatic bliss, we can be focussed on the past, or the future.

Research of recent decades is indicating that due to biochemical imbalance the left hemispheres of our brains fail to develop to their full potential causing a rift between the two hemispheres while the left is dominant (cerebral dominance)  keeping us perceptually in a mundane and limited sense of self.  The left hemisphere it seems has little sense of feeling and a reliance on conceptualisation and programming, while the right hemisphere retains full human cognitive capacities, latent, it can feel and it can feel pleasure and joy.  If the right hemisphere is stimulated or the left hemisphere calmed we are more likely to feel a sense of presence more than us. Only the right hemisphere responds to psychotropic plant medicines and substances.  The right hemisphere needs less sleep than then left so is more easily accessed during sleep deprivation or dreams at night. It might be imagined that in the right hemisphere state we know about this situation but in the left hemisphere state we are ignorant of the greater possibilities.  This is reflected in modern mythology in the story of the Andromedan doubles  where the control group of  doubles on M31 know about us but we don't know about them.  Both these narratives describe our experiences as humans in the dream and in the nightmare, waking or otherwise.

Through understanding a little about this split sense of self and how it can be healed I think we will get more clues about how we can get into the state we truly want to be in.

footnote: archontic phenomena  are  artificial, deceptive, mimicing, which always lie and  do not deliver what is promised

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