Sunday, 14 September 2014

festival of life
A very busy day including a  talk on kefir and fermented foods and selling fermented foods, jun, superfoods and a lot of books relating to food and neurochemistry which was a nice sign.  I approached the day with some foreboding, just the journey to London really. A friend had said well, watch the omens.  We set out from Somerset at dawn and dozing in the dar I had a vivid dream of being in  paradise on Earth, then I woke up in London.  After that auspicious start I actually had a wonderful day.  Festival of Life is a great event for connecting with both friends and acquaintances right back into the "olden days" of raw food and also new inspirational and young people. I met Charlot and Prem from Raw Ecstasy, with some of the most amazing raw gourmet food I have ever encountered.  This is their website: I hope we will be stocking some of their snacks soon.

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