Wednesday, 9 February 2011

bringing order to the biological diversity

"Over many eons the fallen goddess produces an atmosphere and oceans. The Generator veils herself demurely in the cloudy marbled vapors of the biosphere. Upon her planetary body life arises in rampant forms. Creatures great and small appear in such abundance that Sophia is unable to manage her progeny. Looking on from the galactic core, the Generators see her plight. By communal assent they send her counterpart, the Aeon Christos, to bring order to the biological diversity teeming in Sophia’s world. In an action that reflects intentionally what Sophia committed without intention, Christos crosses the Pleromic boundary and intercedes in the experiment unfolding in the spiral arms. The Generator organizes the life-forms burgeoning upon the planet and then recedes, withdrawing to the galactic center."

from The Fall of the Wisdom Goddess by John Lamb Lash

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