Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Earthing - go barefoot!

Earthing might be a better antioxidant than foods and supplements combined. We've insulated ourselves from the earth's unlimited supply of electrons since we began wearing rubber soled shoes in the 1960s. Earthing (or grounding) rejoins us with earth's natural healing energy. A plethora of studies document the amazing effects of earthing as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, pain-reliever, wound-healer, nervous system balancer, blood sugar regulator, thyroid regulator, cortisol regulator, and blood thinner. The second benefit of earthing is that it protects you from EMFs*. Alix demonstrates this effect using a voltmeter. (*I say in the video that earthing "discharges" EMFs, but "protects" or "shields" is probably more accurate.) Sounds too good to be true? Early studies do support these findings. In Part 1, Alix gets a bit personal & shares some of her story of a missed Lyme diagnosis and how earthing has helped her 14 year-long headache and 8 year-long battle with Lyme-inducted insomnia.  More info on earthing: www.earthing.com

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