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The greatest transition - the return of paradise - Susan Joy Rennison

The greatest transition in the history of mankind - the return of paradise - Susan Joy Rennison

"To understand the fact that our world is a facing the greatest transition in the history of mankind and that means rapid evolutionary change with a new destiny for mankind, it is necessary to recognize that this scenario has been  predicted by a wide cross section of religious, esoteric, and indigenous traditions. Astronomical information relating to cosmic cycles − that occur over vast periods of time − have been retained and passed down through millennia. Today, Mayan calendars have been popularized, but there are many other calendars
and information embedded into art, architecture and literature.
The understanding amongst the learned that has been passed down to us is that after the Conflagration there will be a Restoration, a New Heavens and a New Earth  − literally Earth’s tilt will change and the dome of heaven will appear differently. Since, changes are already occurring, maybe we can hope that there is a
universal plan for planet Earth that does not involve major catastrophe. "
Susan Joy Rennison

"In terms of evolutionary change within the cosmos,  for a few decades, cosmologists agreed to promote the Big Bang model of the evolution of the universe that emphasised the beginning. In retrospect, it seems that it’s introduction in the 1930s by a Belgium astrophysicist and priest Abbé Georges Edouard Lemaître (1894-1966) served the purpose of uniting religion with science, in an effort to elevate Christian beliefs into our origin, to a new sublime level of credibility with the masses. It took a while, but the scientific community
became convinced when better mathematical detail was produced by George Gamow and Ralph Alpher in 1948. These days, it seems many scientists are losing patience with Big Bang cosmology and are proposing new alternatives like ‘The Big Bounce’. This is a quote is from the Universe Forum produced for NASA by the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics:
“The Big Bang is actually not a “theory” at all, but rather a scenario or model about the early moments of our universe, for which the evidence is  overwhelming. But the Big Bang scenario cannot be the whole story, and its details are a subject of intense research.”
“It is a common misconception that the Big Bang was the origin of the universe. In reality, the Big Bang scenario is completely silent about how the universe came into existence in the first place. In fact, the closer we look to time “zero,”  the less certain we are about what actually happened, because our current description of physical laws do not yet apply to such extremes of nature. The Big Bang scenario simply assumes that space, time, and energy already existed. But it tells us nothing about where they came from or why the universe was born hot and dense to begin with.”
We must presume that many can no longer suspend their critical thinking capabilities and believe that something as magnificent as the universe came from nothing, this is alongside the need to reject the incompatibility with the ‘hallowed’ laws of physics."

"Simply, the metaphysical belief by a wide range of groups and believers is that we are entering a New Golden Age. However, a more scientific explanation is that due to the changing cosmic environment, there is a strong possibility that Earth could be headed towards an intense high energy plasma environment. If this is correct,then ancient knowledge − that we think of as mythology, rituals, and traditional art from diverse cultures around the globe  − is abundantly clear, primeval man experienced a wondrous and enigmatic firmament, that may have lasted for thousands of years, where various stages of extremely intense electrical discharges in the sky, were recorded as petroglyphs or “rock art.”"

“In Celtic creation stories, trees were the ancestors of mankind, elder beings of wisdom who provided the alphabet, the calendar, and entrance to the realms of the Gods. Trees were also associated in the Shamanic beliefs of the Druids and other Celtic peoples with the supernatural world.” 
“Trees were a connection to the world of the spirits and the ancestors, living entities, and doorways into other worlds. The most sacred tree of all was the Oak tree, which represented the axis mundi, the center of the world. The Celtic name for oak, daur, is the origin of the word door- the root of the oak was literally the
doorway to the Otherworld, the realm of Fairy.”
"The mythology of ancestors that were associated with a Sacred Tree, does not make sense if we only think in terms of a hypothetical world axis, but it makes perfect sense if the Sacred World Tree was a massive Birkeland current in glow mode that was seen at various points around the globe and was used by plasma entities as the easiest way to travel in and out of Earth’s environment."

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