Monday, 21 February 2011

edible wild greens

In South Devon the wild greens are now emerging out of the hedgerows.
Unlike with some other greens, you can consume lots of nettles for a long time and get nothing but benefit; I juice hundreds of them with unwashed organic carrots to bulk the juice out.  Raw carrots contain the monatomic elements rhodium and iridium which facilitate subtle perception. Nettles increase serotonin levels, raise metabolic rate, and very mild positive psychoactive effects. You can juice nettles with a twin gear or hand turned juicer or add the leaves to a juice in a blender and drink with a straw.

Young cleavers are also great juiced or in salad and are very cleansing.  I was delighted to find some garlic mustard peeping out between them today.

Penny wort is a lovely mild leaf for salads.

and wild garlic is also lovely in salads; also blended with tomato, sun-dried tomato, avocado, carrot and spring water to make a raw soup.

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