Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Trecena of Innovation

We in the West get really excited about anything "new". New technologies, new friends, new jobs, new homes, new options on the menus of our favorite restaurants. And so you'd think today would be reason for celebration throughout the entire Maya world. But it's not.

There are two reasons for this.

First, Imix is not the first daysign of the Sacred Tzolk'in for all Maya people, as we have been taught to believe for so many years. K'iche' Mayan Elder Don Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac of Momostenango, and various texts by Mayan Calendar scholars, including Ken Johnson and Dr. Robert Sitler, confirm that the K'iche' Maya celebrate the new round of the Tzolk'in on 8 B'atz' (Chuen). Yet many other Maya populations do indeed use 1 Imix.

Secondly, and more importantly, for the Maya, time is cyclical, and so there is no beginning or end. There is no "last Tzolk'in round", no end date, whether it's October 28, 2011 or whatever other dates have been proposed. That is quite simply impossible if you're talking about the true Mayan Calendar, because it's not how the Maya practice it. The trecenas simply repeat, one following the other in an unending choreography of time. Their celebrations honor the sacred, the cyclical, the timeless. The numbers and day signs, of course, do have meaning, and that is what matters, more than beginnings or endings.

As one of our Facebook community members said today, "I watch detached because I see the dates as just another division amongst people. We need to get out of dates and get in touch with evolutionary cycles, prepare the people spiritually for the shift happening. "

Imix is the Alligator, the initiator of new ideas and activities, a sign of radiant Eastern energy. He will rule the next thirteen days, and as his fresh essence percolates through your consciousness, don't worry too much about getting work done. In fact, the Maya themselves avoid any appreciable amount of activity, because for them, Imix is a challenging day, charged with reflecting the deep, visionary aspect of reality, sometimes called the "left side" of reality... not unlike, as author Ken Johnson describes it, Carl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious.

Take this time to plan the next phase of your personal or professional journey, flesh out your vision, dreams and goals, and prepare for the time when you will need to take that first step.

Birgitte Rasine

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