Saturday, 26 February 2011

Gabor Mate - Hold On To Your Kids

 "that's where we are as human beings - we're deeply hooked into one another...from the beginning of life, from conception to the very end"

According to girls' journals, 50-60 years ago their primary concern was the contribution they could make to society, now it's "what do I look like?" or "will I be accepted by my peers?"
Authority comes from attachment.
Self-esteem is not about what others think of us or peer approval.
Development needs vulnerability. The primary quality for learning is a sense of curiosity, curiosity is vulnerable, it means you care about something and that you don't know.

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  1. Wanderfull thoughts, great author and a great mind behind Gabor Mate. Helped me quite a bit personally in my understanding of relations in parenting. My perspective has altered in no small way and I know that, however many times I read or listen to Mr.Mate I'm ceratin to recognize deeper meaning in his thoughts.