Saturday, 4 January 2014

chocolate pudding recipe

This is a recipe I used for many years to give myself and my family a nourishing breakfast.  It covers many nutritional bases and is nourishing and sustaining for growing young people and people who are very  active especially. It used to keep us going for most of the day.

This recipe covers a large range of nutritional needs - fats and proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fruit compounds and many other subtle nutrients - in an easily usable form for the body and sets us up for the day. The prototype was designed by Tony Wright as optimal brain nutrition.  It is  very nourishing and satisfying for growing children.  Use it as a dessert mousse or chocolate sauce or freeze it as delicious totally healthy ice-cream.

serves 3

Basic ingredients:

150g  hemp seeds soaked overnight in water
200 – 300ml liquid -this can be all water or freshly squeezed orange juice, dried fruit soak water,  or a mixture of these.  1 orange gives about 50ml juice.
a little orange zest/peel
3 dried figs, soaked overnight in water
3 dried apricots, soaked overnight in water
50g sunflower seeds, soaked overnight in water
50g pumpkin seeds, soaked overnight in water
50g sesame seeds, soaked overnight in water
3 bananas
few chunks fresh coconut or ½ tsp coconut butter
a few grains Himalayan or sea salt
superfoods to taste: cacao nibs or powder, maca, gojis, carob powder, mesquite, rosehip powder, vanilla pod or powder, if you can get hold of it, hemp leaf blends in beautifully taste-wise and makes the recipe even more complete.

Optional extras and/or substitutions:

blueberries, blackberries,  bilberries, strawberries, pear, kaki/sharon fruit
lime juice and zest
prunes instead of apricots
walnuts, hazelnuts or brazils instead of some of the seeds
use purple corn soak water to make the hemp milk
for an extra lift: he shou wu, hemp leaf powder, purple corn powder, suma, AFA blue-green algae

To make hemp milk, drain the hemp seeds and blend with the liquid until the hemp seeds are broken down and the liquid looks milky.  Strain and squeeze through muslin or similar cloth  to make hemp milk. A muslin bag is easiest.

Drain the soaked ingredients and blend all the  ingredients together until smooth.  If using a very powerful blender it may not be necessary to pre-soak the dried fruit – this then gives a thicker result.

Particularly delicious topped with fruit such as cherries, raspberries, mango and/or some kefir or yoghurt or even ground hazelnuts.

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  1. This looks delicious, I will try it out. Thanks for the recipe.
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