Friday, 17 January 2014

the thirteenth constellation

"Drawing the thirteenth constellation was the crowning moment of my long artistic experiment with the zodiac. This is Ophiuchus, the Charmer of Serpents, or Snaketamer, the figure that had to be excluded in order to introduce the new paradigm of psyche-cosmos mirroring, using the 12-sector format without stars. Its exclusion signals one of the more devastating turns in the history of our species, a very bad turn, indeed. By a striking coincidence, the starless Ptolemaic zodiac was proposed in 150 AD, the same year that Justin Martyr came out openly and attacked the Gnostics of the Mystery Schools. But this is no coincidence, because the suppression of the Mysteries has everything to do with the loss of the Snaketamer and all he represents: namely, the millennial tradition of indigenous shamanism in Europa, the Levant, and Egypt.

When it finally came to formatting the entire round of thirteen figures, I had to make an artistic decision about which side was up! Many factors went into this decision, far too many to elaborate here. But the principle factor was simple: I chose to put the galactic center uppermost, front and center, in the Rimsite. The direction toward the galactic center, let's recall, is a point near the tip of the Archer's arrow, above the sting of the Scorpion: designated by the oblique black triangle above the Archer's left hand. This puts the Fishes and the VP, 1 degree Aries, at the nine o'clock position, the summer solstice at six o'clock, the autumnal or fall equinox (in the Virgin's face) at three o'clock, and the winter solstice at midnight. Positioning the Rimsite in this way works for precessional timing, and other purposes. It emphasizes the coming of the midnight hour, when the winter solstice aligns exactly with the galactic center, around 2216 CE. It also highlights the largest interactive tableau in the zodiac: the Scale-Scorpion-Snaketamer-Archer scenario. This tableau carries an important lesson for our species, perhaps the decisive lesson: cosmic balance in the symbiotic web of life (Scales) depends on a clear intention of how to use destructive force (Archer) and ..... of our own inner powers (Snaketamer)."
John Lamb Lash

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