Wednesday, 29 January 2014

full euphoric spiral with the jun

Had an unexpected arrival in my life recently.  For many years I have mostly refused to drink any kind of alcoholic drink because of the mood drop compared with how I generally feel.  Sometimes I would wonder if I was missing out on something but I just wasn't willing to experience the unpleasant side that wine, beer or spirits would have for me.  For the most part I haven't been bothered though as feel so good on what we are doing.  So it was a really nice to surprise that the very small amounts of alcohol in the jun we have got going along with the other mind enhancing compounds in there are giving me a lovely tipsy and actually euphoric but still mentally functioning feeling at the end of the day.  Admittedly it doesn't take much for me.  Anyway, unexpectedly I've got the opportunity for an evening tipple back.  The feeling is very similar to then one I remember as a youngster drinking the amazing concoction my Dad used to ferment from orange juice, when I started to go out and drink commercial beers I was shocked out how deadening their effects were compared to the almost psychedelic effects of my Dad's magical brew.

Years ago, getting healthy was purported to mean abandoning chocolate, cheese, nice cups of tea and alcoholic drinks.  And I was willing to do it.  Bit by bit it has all come back unexpectedly and delightfully in upgraded, more natural form., raw chocolate, raw dairy products such as raw cheese and kefir, herbal teas and elixirs and now the jun.  Jun works for me much better than kombucha because you can drink it without it being fermented to a vinegary state.  If kombucha isn't fully brewed out to this state then there is a residue of sugar which I really don't get on with and also, from a technical point of view, stops the immune system working to full capacity.  Jun is quite like kombucha but it can digest honey so you don't need to make it with sugar.

The tea we are using is chaga.  Brewing the tea extracts many of the medicinal factors out of the chaga whilst the alcohol in the jun extracts the alcohol soluble triterpenes (Betulinic acid) that are well known for their amazing healing properties in Russia.

I have actually been enjoying our ginkgo version even more than the original chaga jun in our range, it will be on sale very soon, just as soon as the labels get here.  Ginkgo is a long time favourite of mine, it is a very magical tree and boosts circulation and brain function.

So life has come full circle or maybe full spiral, in many other ways too, feel like finding many of the real versions of things that I had let go of.  Real sky astrology is a prime case in point.

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