Sunday, 12 January 2014

earthing - a missing link to health and sanity

Earthing, sometimes known as grounding, is one of the most significant yet simplest steps you can take, living in civilisation in a modern life, to improve your health and enhance your well-being, mental function and everyday experience of life. Of all the healthy lifestyle practices you can engage in,  earthing requires the least effort and time commitment yet it maximises results.

Here is our interview with Dr John Kelsey explaining in wonderful depth about the use of earthing devices and their benefits.

Personally I feel an intense desire to live as immersed in nature and as close to the Earth as possible. For the moment the things I need to do to fulfil my purpose keep me living and working in a house much of the time and I am immensely grateful for this very simple technology.  It does not replace getting out into nature and going barefoot on the Earth rather it fills in the gaps when we can't do this.

Putting it in basic terms, our body metabolism , by its very nature produces free radicals.  These need to be counteracted by antioxidants or electrons, which we get to some degree from foods such as fruit and vegetables and also the hormone melatonin.  However we were designed to run in physical connection with the earth, without any insulating materials between us, such as rubber soles, carpets and floorboards.  From the Earth comes a flow of electrons which naturally balance the effects of metabolism.

Earthing sheets are cotton sheets with silver threads running through them. You just put one on the bed on top of your normal sheet and plug into the socket.  The plug does not make a connection with the live part of the mains, just the earthing connection which runs down into the ground.  So the socket does not need to be on and an earthing sheet is not an electrical device in the sense that we normally understand. Through  the moisture that comes out of our bodies we connect electrically to the sheet and through that to the Earth.

The change to sleeping on an earthing sheet was a profound experience for us.  For the first week we actually felt fuzzy headed and found that difficult to deal with.  After those effects had waned we noticed how well we were sleeping and how refreshed we felt when we woke up. I think it has made us feel closer too.  One of the effects of grounding is to increase melatonin levels and even this by itself is known to increase the levels of harmony between people. The more of the time we are earthed the better. As Dr John Kelsey explains in our recent interview with him, even if we are earthed at night, we will get more benefit if we are also earthed before we go to bed. In the day we regularly use earthing throws and mats as well as walking barefoot in nature.  Users report that earthing for two hours before bed helps them sleep.  It is possible that the Earth is able to communicate to us the rhythms we need to function optimally.

Earthing also tends to balance brain hemisphere function.  Speaking to Tony Wright on the subject he hypothesises that what is actually happening is the right hemisphere has the capacity to respond to the improved conditions and becomes more active thus ameliorating to some degree cerebral dominance of the left hemisphere.

Recently I have got to the point of recommending earthing in nature and through earthing devices above any other health practice so it made sense to stock these products for sale.  We chose the convenient half sheet, the mat and grounding rod as the most popular products and the ones we have found most useful.  It's a one off investment which can last for years.  You could think of it as a device to harvest electrons.  Generations of humans  preceding the industrial revolution were conceived , born and grew up, worked and played in direct physical connection with the Earth. I personally think that beginning to re-establish this vital connection to our life source is fundamental to turning us into the sane and harmonious humans of the future.

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