Monday, 20 January 2014

laying my cards on the table

I have decided to lay my cards on the table.

Personally I have got to the point now where it just doesn't seem possible to dance around any longer the central issues that face us as humans.  The issues we face in the world now are just too big and complicated to unravel or deal with by previously known methods.  And the little issues too seem unresolvable unless we look deeper to the root causes.I sometimes remark to friends that what shocks me and hurts me the most is not the ecological crises - like many others - I saw them coming; not the epidemic of health problems - like many others, I saw them coming, not the wars - I saw them coming; what shocks me is that rather than facing them harmoniously and together, there is bickering even between people who are close or even claim to hold to the same ideals, in fact the bickering is sometimes the most intense between these people.  So, what to do?

From what I can make out, from experience of living and listening to people who have thought and researched deeply and make sense to me, that along the way, in some way humans have  (hopefully temporarily) lost much of their innate capacity for feeling i.e. for being energetically aware of what is going on in real time.  This manifests as loss of sense of connection to each other, the Earth, other species and beings, our intuition, divine intelligence and so on.  Deprived of these innate faculties we attempt to cobble our way through life with a set of rules and dogmas as an approximation to the guidance we would otherwise receive from the source of our lives.  Inevitably these rules clash, but as we perceive them as our lifeline to divinity we are willing to fall out with real other humans over them.

I still dream that we will regain our innate faculties, natural capabilities that have come to be seen as supernatural and I think there is a lot that can be done to start to re-establish them, that is what 'food for consciousness' is about.  Meanwhile we somehow need to get along in the understanding that we will, in our current state, inevitably tread on each others toes.  One of the most painful things we can experience is disconnection between human hearts especially, with a dearly loved one, and it is one of the things that interferes with our functioning and happiness the most.  One of the most empowering things we experience is the love and acceptance of another human being.  I am trying, as fas I can with my own limited abilities, to accept the human situation and the inevitability of us treading on each others toes and am endeavouring to learn the art of not taking offence.  The main thing is this: let's get over it together.

There is so much that could be said on this subject.  For now I just want to voice my perspective on this central issue which is basically this.  As humans have lost their feeling capacity, they have lost some of their capacity to actually feel good, so are now trying to 'be good', i.e. to 'be right' as defined by mental programs.

In some recent audios John Lash has been discussing the 'righteousness' virus and how it has infected us all. He comes from a mythological and metahistorical perspective.  There is a link to a recent audio below. My other favourite resource is Tony Wright's research on the biological aspects of our loss of faculties outlined but not fully explained in his book 'Left in the Dark'. I think we've got to the point now where the roots of the problems have been pretty well identified, at least enough for us to start to engage in solutions. As we do this the nature of the problem will also inevitably become clearer and yet more aspects of the solution will emerge.

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