Sunday, 29 June 2014

figs in somerset

It seems many people don't know how well fig trees can grow in southern England.  The key is to get a variety that thrives in your area.  I just bought this young tree at nearby Wells Market - the grower took a cutting from a fig tree in her own garden which is producing abundant fruit, the cutting was only taken last year and already it has got this far!  In order to produce plenty of fruit the roots of fig trees need to be contained.  This can be in a pot or if grown in the ground with bricks or stones surrounding the roots.  

I love the energy of fig trees, there seems to be a special affinity between them and humans. Figs have many great nutritional properties, mineralising, alkalising, cleansing and neurotransmitter boosting. Apparently in the wild, figs are the fruit of choice for most primates, they will seek them out over other fruit, and of course they have significance in various sacred texts.

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