Friday, 27 June 2014

wave from the north

ALDA: Ancient Icelandic word in the Kalevala: wave, tremor, pulsation. The Lady of the Labyrinth explains:

YMIR, the "frost giant" nurtured on the streams of milk (Organic Light)  from the Great Cow Goddess = the Anthropos, "dismembered" -- that is, individuated into ethnic groups, tribes, language-defined peoples who combine in an "orchestral" expression of true humanity. 

"Frost" is a runic code-word for the snowflake-like patterning of the mycelium template of the Anthropic plasm. Picture it, in brilliant white. The edges of the snowflake patterning radiate rainbow hues of purple and amber but the mass of the template is bone white.

John Lamb Lash

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