Saturday, 28 June 2014

raw food and culture

My talk at this year's UK Rawfest:

So, we're reclaiming our bodies from unnatural foods. But what about our minds? Are we still feeling trapped by cultural dogmas, disempowered and confused by dietary rules. Have you ever heard some new expert nutritional revelation and realised that you knew that intuitively all along? What story are we living by? Is it empowering us and connecting us to the source?

In our 'normal' left hemisphere dominated condition as humans we need nutritional facts to set us on our way. Using the best of this knowledge to nourish our entire neural system with the undamaged fats, amino acids and other compounds in foods that have not been heated above biological temperature we can heighten our levels of perception, intuition, empathy, creativity etc. What are the crucial dietary elements we need and what techniques can we employ to support and hasten this process? What are the implications for our culture? Can we transcend fear based/limiting cultural conditioning and create a living culture based on connection with the life force, nature and the Earth and genuine empathic connection with each other and live the lives of our dreams?

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