Saturday, 28 June 2014

personal time management

with Brian Tracy


1. core goals - personal, business and self-development
2. plans of action
3. work from a list, make the night before
4. priorities
Prioritisation: What impact will accomplishment of this task have on my future?  Futurity of decisions is the key to measuring their value.
5. concentration and the ABC method
6. deadlines, motivation with consequences, with lots of room to spare but also a forcing system
7. time log, the carefully you allocate your time the more successful you will be
(Success has been defined as the progressive realisation of a worthy goal or ideal.)
8. procrastination - positive and negative, overcoming the tendency to do urgent tasks rather than important tasks, develop a sense of urgency, break the task up into manageabe pieces
9. delegate
10. meetings - use time well, start on time and finish on time, if someone not there at beginning assume they are not coming
11. interruptions ( most people have no goals and do not value their own time or yours...)
12. key result areas - what am I here to accomplish?
13. batch tasks - more effective and enjoyable, taking advantage of the learning curve
14. neatness - a clear workspace increases productivity by 20 - 40%
15. getting chunks of time and study 1 - 2 hour a day, use 'transition time'
16. telephone - get on and off fast, "what can I do for you?"
17. punctuality
18. paying close attention
19. efficiency - work simplification, work faster, more important tasks, things better at, fewer mistakes, team work
20. the magic of saying 'no'
21. balance - what is the purpose of time management? ...don't lose sight of it... to improve the quality of your life: health, peace of mind, relationships.

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