Tuesday, 17 June 2014

what plants can teach you

Recognize how the beauty, intricacy and sentience of plants can be a guide to your own awakening and transformation.

A decade ago, the notion that plants respond to their environment in ways that look like conscious behavior, or at least reflect “intelligence,” would be dismissed as fringe. But today this approach is supported by solid science, and that changed perception is transforming how we understand and relate to all of Nature.

Legendary ethnopharmacologist Dennis McKenna has dedicated his life to exploring the intelligence of plants. He recognizes that the healing potential of plants is far greater than our materialist society acknowledges. In this unique live, interactive video course, Dennis will share with you the many ways we can learn from plants, and the wide range of wisdom they make available to us.

He has invited some of the leading experts in the emerging field of plant intelligence to help you understand, integrate and learn to use the most recent research from this exciting field. They include:

Chris Kilham - Author and educator, Chris is the FOX News Medicine Hunter, is on the Medical Advisory Board of the Dr. Oz Show, and is Explorer in Residence for Naturex, conducting medicinal plant research for the largest botanical extraction company in the world.

Stephen Harrod Buhner - Senior researcher for the Foundation for Gaian Studies, he is the award-winning author of 19 books, including, most recently, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm.

Tony Wright -  Co-author of the underground sensation, Left in the Dark, now being released in a revised edition as Return to the Brain of Eden: Restoring the Connection between Neurochemistry and Consciousness.

Dayna Baumeister - Co-founder and Keystone of Biomimicry 3.8 and The Biomimicry Institute.

Simon G. Powell - Author of The Psilocybin Solution and Darwin’s Unfinished Business: The Self-Organizing Intelligence of Nature.


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