Monday, 30 June 2014

magnesium and raw chocolate

cacao pod
In the last few days, I have wanted to make a concerted effort to lighten up my diet after a period of excessive travel and time in cities, which I tend to react to by eating heavier and even numbing foods. I have wanted to eat primarily fruit and blended foods for a while so what to do about chocolate?  I have been happy over the last few years that i can be sure I am getting enough magnesium, a crucial and very often deficient mineral, especially for women, because I eat raw cacao.  Then I thought through the inverse of this that I have been relying on raw chocolate for my magnesium and I wondered if chocolate cravings would go if I supplemented with magnesium directly.   I suspect a lot of women crave chocolate for its magnesium content amongst other things. 

Fortunately we have a great magnesium supplement in the form of 'magnesium oil'  Magnesium “oil” is is not actually an oil but  a highly saturated solution of magnesium chloride in water along with other trace elements. It has an oil like texture and is easily absorbed into the skin.  It can either be sprayed onto the skin or sprayed into water and drunk to supplement with it.  Anyway it has worked in the way I intended and while I have enjoyed the occasional chocolate smoothie I feel much more satisfied nutritionally without reliance on one particular food.  Raw cacao is  a great food in my opinion especially if mixed with other herbs and medicinal foods but it's wise to avoid overeating as with any food. It's worth checking out what magnesium is good for and how many conditions  are related to magnesium deficiency  You may be as surprised as I have been.  And by the way thanks to Jasmine Barratt for reminding me how crucial magnesium is and also how widespread deficiency is.

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