Monday, 28 September 2015

iboga 101

"Ask a Bwiti tribesman to define iboga and he may talk of a super sentient being whose role is to guide humanity, accessibility to whom is threatened by the world’s increasing demand for its earthly expression.

Ask a recovering heroin addict the same question and they may describe a knockout punch from a velvet glove that renders dope sickness a bad memory. Answers from first world twenty-somethings seeking the latest kick may range from “something that just made me vomit for 15 hours” to “a life changing sacrament that smashed open my consciousness and lifted the veil on the true nature of existence.”

Nowadays, whether due to publicized celebrity rehab sessions, psychonauts seeking the latest thing, or simply the widening of mankind’s spiritual void, iboga is out of the closet. As iboga’s popularity grows, so does the confusion regarding what iboga is, what it is not, and what purpose the different products on the market best serve. The following information will attempt to address the latter while remaining mindful that the ineffable mysteries of it’s subject combined with the highly personal nature of the user experience render certain assertions herein to be subjective."

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