Monday, 28 September 2015

love of nine things

It is natural and innate to Humanity…
and essential to the preservation of Humanity to maintain…
The Love of 9 Things…

1. Freedom
2. Truth
3. Beauty
4. Innocence
5. Pleasure
Love Innocence and Love Pleasure because they go together…
We are a Playful Species.
6. Learning
7. Sharing
Love to Share… they go together.
8. Power
 Power through Others, Power with Others…
Never Power over Others.
Know Your Power; Love Your Power.
9. Mystery
Love the Mystery of Life  and You will always find Your Way.
Love the Mystery of Your Own Self…
How Mysterious it is that you even have a  Self.
The fact that you have a Self is a deep, deep Mystery.
When you Love the Mystery, you are drawn into the Mystery…
The Mystery invites you, and it guides you…
So Love the Mystery.

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