Tuesday, 29 September 2015

taste of victory

How ayahuasca can break addiction's grip on the brain with Gabor Mate.

Being not seen, we cover up and lose connection.  Gabor Mate defines addictive behaviour as that which has negative consequences yet a person is compelled to pursue it. An addicted person is trying to get the feelings and sense of connection,that we all want, from a substance or damaging activity.

The part of brain whose job it is to provide pleasure and reward, pain relief and a sense of connection is stimulated by the substance or activity.  If you have never had these feelings satisfactorily in any other way, it will be very difficult to give it up.
Ayahuasca in context can help.  It shows you the psychological baggage you have carried all your life and you no longer see it as inevitable part of yourself. The interpretation you have made of world can drop away, you are shown your true potential.

People need this taste of victory.

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