Tuesday, 8 September 2015

sustainable iboga

All species are sacred but there are some plants such as iboga which vividly represent the special symbiotic connection between humans and plants.

It has been interesting how the ibogaine culture has been constellating in Mexico, a land where many psychoactive plants grow, but not, until now iboga. I was remarking on this recently and within days was invited to participate in a project to grow iboga plants in Mexico.

This is a very exciting world to be involved in. It seems that there is an epidemic amongst humanity right now, namely chemical addiction, which can only be truly healed with the use of natural psychoactive plants. I have felt for a long time that enthaegenic nutrition is a necessary part of our future, in order to thrive on this planet; indeed it was part of our past. This situation currently developing is an epic part of the unfolding of the human story.

"Keystone species have the potential to teach us so much about whole ecosystems. And there are not so many examples of species like this that are also so central to human cultures, and provide such a gateway to point at how deeply inseparable we are from nature. I think that this issue is more complex than what I could write in this short article, but I hope that it continues to push for this discussion and for action in the ibogaine community.
With ibogaine we have such a rich opportunity to apply the all sorts of transformation ideas, like the overlap between deep ecology and psychology, permaculture design for healing spaces, and the ideas that Charles Eisenstein lays out in Sacred Economics. I hope that more people become involved in this discussion so we can use this opportunity to keep putting these principles directly into practice. "- Jonathan Dickinson, Director, Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance


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