Friday, 25 September 2015

intelligence in nature

“In this mesmerizing talk, Jeremy Narby shares the findings from his groundbreaking book Intelligence in Nature.”

“Plants and animals have intention and we can communicate with them in dreams. The is a view long held by indigenous peoples.
Bees can handle abstract concepts.  This has been shown at the Toulouse Laboratory of Animal Cognition at the National Centre for Scientific Research.
“Bees have minds of their own, which enable them to extract the logical structure of the world. Bees are sentient minded beings.

What about plants? Plants lack brains entirely. In 2002 Professor Anthony Travis, professor of biology at Edinburgh University found that plants have intent, make decisions, and compute complex aspects of their environment.  Plants use molecular and electrical some of which are identical to those of our own neurons.  Plants don’t have brains, so much as act like them. Just being a plant involves sensing a wide variety of conditions, sending down roots in a branching structure and deploying leaves so as to gather a maximum amount of sunlight, computing complex conditions then acting.”

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