Thursday, 8 October 2015

amaranth the astronaut food

I have just been enjoying a delicious cacao and amaranth drink . A lot of tips can be picked up about happy healthy food from the traditions of Mexico

"The nutritional benefits of amaranth are so important that it has become food for astronauts. It's protein is superior to other cereals and it's nutritional value is higher than cows' milk.
The amaranth has been so important in the diet of the Aztecs and other civilizations of the New World, makes the study of this culture is something extraordinary and promising. However, it is one of the many underutilized food crops in Central and South America.
Like quinoa, amaranth was selected by NASA to feed astronauts for their high nutritional value for their full use, for the brevity of his crop cycle and its ability to grow in adverse conditions. "
This does translate to English when you open it in google.

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